Pregnant and nervous about birth?
If you need some questions answered, or maybe aren't too sure what happens in labor and birth, or want to know more about your rights - Your Best Birth will help you have a positive birth experience no matter what.

Know what to expect and turn your anxiety into excitement as you head into labor. Understand what your body does during birth. Have a birth and postpartum plan that helps you feel prepared, confident and cool heading in.

In this virtual class - we will review the anatomy and physiology, and also explore the psyche, the systems, and your support options for the birth experience you want to have. 


“Jess is a mama guru! With her guidance and knowledge, I felt completely prepared for delivering my first child. Jess held my hand through the whole pregnancy and birthing process, making every transition so smooth. I can honestly say that she created a magical and safe space for my husband and I during the delivery of my son. And even when my son came unexpectedly early, she still was able to keep my husband and I comfortable and calm. Jess informed me way more about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum then my doctors did. She went above and beyond for me and my hubby. And I cannot recommend her enough! She is so special!” 

"With my 4th pregnancy I knew I wanted it to be better. I knew I wanted someone on my side. To support me and my decisions. 3 prior pregnancies were filled with fear. When I got pregnant with my 4th I knew I wanted my whole experience to be better. Not only did I learn a lot from Jess, but my whole experience was beautiful from the moment I got that positive pregnancy test, to the moment I got to hold my beautiful baby girl. It was all made Possible because this time around I believed in myself and had all the support from Jess. If it’s your first pregnancy or your 4th a doula can make a world of difference! Jess is professional, kind, supportive and everything you would ever want."

"When I started working with her almost 6 years ago, I was at an ultimate low in my life. My eating disorder and body dysmorphia had been running the shots for most of my life. And it only took working with Jess 3 months to completely change my mindset and have a whole appreciation for nourishing my body. I kept working with Jess and still do to this day because she is more than just a health coach… she has helped mentor me in every aspect of my life. She has supported me, allowed me to be the person I truly knew in my heart that I was meant to be. Without her I know I would not be alive and living my dream life. Thank you Jess! Highly recommend!” 

"Before I even became a mom-to-be, I knew Jess would be my go-to resource for all things motherhood. I've watched her juggle growing her family and biz, all while maintaining her own cool sense of self. She may be totally in-the-know for all the super trendy wellness things, but what I love about her is that she keeps it all real. And practical. And honest. I've consulted her on how to prepare for baby and how to juggle being a new mom with growing my own career. I love her fresh, easy, and non-judgmental approach. I'm so, so happy that she's on my support team as I embark on this journey!"


- Eliminate the what-ifs - know what to expect every step of the way, no matter how you birth

- Education leads to less fear about birth and more confidence in your body's ability

- Create more communication with your care team and your partner and ultimately more satisfaction with your birth

- 100% online and self-paced: watch and learn at any time, from any location, as you want

- Quick, easy learning - download handouts, watch or listen to videos, take it in how you learn best

- Have a birth and postpartum plan that helps you feel prepared from how to know if you’re in labor to the first postpartum poop

- Education about the process + relaxation tools for your comfort 

- Education about interventions to help you feel confident if plans change

- Taught by someone who gets it - me! - a Mom of 4, Childbirth Educator, Birth and Postpartum Doula and Health Coach


- Evidence-based, pre-recorded videos on everything you need to know about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the immediate postpartum

- Hot topics like relaxation techniques in labor, prenatal nutrition and exercise, the stages of labor and what to expect, when to head to the hospital, what the immediate postpartum is like and how you can prepare for it

- Over 20 downloadable easy reference guides and checklists, including my Bump Guide, Birth Guide, Snack Guide, Hospital Bag Checklist, Postpartum Checklist, and printables for each topic covered

- Certificate of Completion to use for insurance reimbursement

- Lifelong access to class materials

- Office hours and email access with me for 90 days!

- When you take a hospital birth class -you learn how to be a good patient, with this course - you learn how to be the director of your birth


I've been through pregnancy, labor and delivery countless times with my clients as well as on my own as a mom of 4.  I created this class after furthering my education beyond Health Coach and Doula to become a Childbirth Educator, because I wanted to be able to support more people than I am able to 1-1.

All of the materials - from the curriculum, to the downloads, to the videos - are created and taught by me. I compiled all of the information that I wanted to know through each of these important stages and I'm sharing it in the same manner I would if we were grabbing coffee together.

I want you to feel so ready going into your prenatal appointments and birth - regardless of how you birth - and leave that experience feeling peace and satisfaction.