The world is changing and that allows us to work together in an in-person capacity, or a virtual way that is just as supportive. With my doula services - you can expect education and support leading up to your birth, birther and partner support during labor and delivery, as well as follow-up postpartum conversation, recipes and care.

This is for first-time birthers who would like the support and education throughout pregnancy, and leading into birth. It’s also for those who want to be more connected to the experience than they were with the last birth, or those who are looking to rewrite the prior experience.

I’ve had 5 of my own pregnancies, 4 births, and have educated myself with the best trainers and have supported clients for the last three years. I am empathetic, trauma-informed, and looking forward to connecting with you on a personal level.


“Jess is a mama guru! With her guidance and knowledge, I felt completely prepared for delivering my first child. Jess held my hand through the whole pregnancy and birthing process, making every transition so smooth. I can honestly say that she created a magical and safe space for my husband and I during the delivery of my son. And even when my son came unexpectedly early, she still was able to keep my husband and I comfortable and calm. Jess informed me way more about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum then my doctors did. She went above and beyond for me and my hubby. And I cannot recommend her enough! She is so special!” 

"With my 4th pregnancy I knew I wanted it to be better. I knew I wanted someone on my side. To support me and my decisions. 3 prior pregnancies were filled with fear. When I got pregnant with my 4th I knew I wanted my whole experience to be better. Not only did I learn a lot from Jess, but my whole experience was beautiful from the moment I got that positive pregnancy test, to the moment I got to hold my beautiful baby girl. It was all made Possible because this time around I believed in myself and had all the support from Jess. If it’s your first pregnancy or your 4th a doula can make a world of difference! Jess is professional, kind, supportive and everything you would ever want."

"When I started working with her almost 6 years ago, I was at an ultimate low in my life. My eating disorder and body dysmorphia had been running the shots for most of my life. And it only took working with Jess 3 months to completely change my mindset and have a whole appreciation for nourishing my body. I kept working with Jess and still do to this day because she is more than just a health coach… she has helped mentor me in every aspect of my life. She has supported me, allowed me to be the person I truly knew in my heart that I was meant to be. Without her I know I would not be alive and living my dream life. Thank you Jess! Highly recommend!” 

"Before I even became a mom-to-be, I knew Jess would be my go-to resource for all things motherhood. I've watched her juggle growing her family and biz, all while maintaining her own cool sense of self. She may be totally in-the-know for all the super trendy wellness things, but what I love about her is that she keeps it all real. And practical. And honest. I've consulted her on how to prepare for baby and how to juggle being a new mom with growing my own career. I love her fresh, easy, and non-judgmental approach. I'm so, so happy that she's on my support team as I embark on this journey!"


I include the postpartum planning and care in this package because it is essential to your complete birthing experience. Prenatal care and education is a wonderful way to manage your expectations and work in unison with your care team to create the experience that you desire (though we know that many things can change). We also need to work together after the birth to process what just happened, as well as set you up for success in the often lonely and confusing postpartum period.

- 4 prenatal calls & 2 postpartum calls with me

- Prep for Birth & Prep for Postpartum planning

- Pregnancy, labor, birth education as well as how to communicate your needs and questions to your care team

- Partner support and communication during labor and delivery

- I will be on call for you 2 weeks before and after your due date

- Meal plans and recipes for postpartum healing


You’ll have calls with me leading up to your birth. This is where we will review what your body and baby are up to, plan for your birth experience, develop a postpartum care plan, and answer questions after leaving the doctor’s office.

You also have voice/text access to me at any time. For 4 weeks surrounding your due date- I’ll be on call for you, so that means you will contact me when you feel any contractions, leaking of waters, or other new sensations! I’ll be with you on text, voice, Facetime, or in-person as you decide if you should get your bags ready, and as you make your way to the hospital or place of birth. I’ll be supporting you and your partner through triage and once you are in the labor and delivery room, through information, calming support and comfort measures.

Think of me as your calm presence and voice of reason! I’ll remain with you after birth, where we will soak in the beautiful moment and talk about what’s next.

Once you return from the place of birth - we will have follow up calls and voice/text to review your postpartum care plan, nourishment, self care, breastfeeding support and birth story.