essential oils

I know what you are thinking, but I was thinking the same thing before I was unable to stop diffusing these oils in my home.

Altogether, I’ve been using oils for 3 years now. Here and there, not very specifically. I didn’t have too much education or support on what I should be doing with them so they just sat in my house in various rooms.

One of my good friends started gifting me samples of cool rollers, lash serums and perfume blends and finally I said “ok, I want a kit.”

“…But also, you have to give me a list of things to do with them.”

She did. And since that moment, I’ve been diffusing killer blends in our home every day for ME to enjoy (but also for the kids!). Carmen loves to turn our diffuser pink. I’ve been drinking antioxidants daily. I’ve been using a nontoxic cleaning product EVERYWHERE. And I’ve been making custom rollers for immunity, abundance, joy, energy, and more. They’ve honestly become my perfume.

I’m hooked. And I think you will be too.

See below for how to start, what you get, and more FAQ. Contact me with any questions!


How do I start?!

  1. Click here and create a member account with Young Living. I am your sponsor, so it will say HEALTH COACH PHILLY LLC.

  2. Remember, when you create an account there is NO monthly fee or commitment. You can only access the starter kit by becoming a member.

  3. Pick your starter kit of choice (if you are into the cleaning products, I love the Thieves Kit).

  4. Send me an email to let me know you signed up and I will get you everything you need to know, along with access to our educational Facebook groups. I’ll send you a list of things you can do with your oils (seasonally) as soon as you get them!

c/o Modern Essentials

c/o Modern Essentials

What comes in a Young Living Premium Starter kit?

  • A diffuser you can choose (there is a super-nice one for an extra fee, or you can get the beautiful desert mist for no extra cost)

  • 11 of our fav 5ml essential oils: Thieves, Digize, Citrus Fresh, Stress Away, Peppermint, Lemon, Copaiba, Frankincense, Raven, Panaway, Lavender

  • 2 NingXia Red samples (think: vitamins, energy)

  • 1 oz Thieves cleaner sample (think: make your own cleaning spray)

  • plus, an AromaGlide roller ball and empty sample bottles to share your oils with friends and family (and lots of information about where your oils come from!)

Do I have to become a “member” in order to order oils?

Yes. But, you don’t have to have a monthly order! There is no monthly member fee and no monthly minimum you have to hit.

Becoming a member gets you 24% off all essential oils. Deal.

If you decide to join Essential Rewards (aka monthly shipments) - you will get even more perks, and you will always discover something new with oils! (in full disclosure, I said hell no to ER at first. “I don’t need that.” Not even 2 weeks later I signed up for ER and started also selling oils.)

Okay, back to that Essential Rewards program…I want that. Give me the details.

  • We liken this to a monthly wellness box. If you love the products and want to continue trying them, this is the way to go.

    • For each Essential Rewards order you place you accumulate loyalty points (from 10-25%) - which can be used later for more YL products.

    • There are promos each month, so when you place your monthly order, you will get free products with it!

    • You get gifts along with your order at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

  • To remain enrolled in ER specifically, you must place a 50PV order each month. (PV=purchase volume, for most items 1 PV = $1). For me, it’s usually a few oils I want to try or am out of, Thieves cleaner, and baby wipes. So that could be a few oils, a few products from the Thieves line, some all natural non-toxic makeup, another diffuser, etc. I literally am replacing everything in my home with safe and nontoxic options now, from cleaners, to baby, to makeup, to skincare, to home fragrance.

Do I have to sell oils?

  • No! I definitely did not think I would sell. Look at me now, ha. Technically, you will be given the term “distributor” when you sign up, but this does not mean you have to sell.

What if I decide to share or sell?

  • If you’d like to share YL oils with friends and family, give them your member number when they sign up for their starter kit. You will get $50 as a thank you for each person you sign up! If this isn’t of interest to you - you can send them my way, too, and I’m happy to set them up!

  • If you do want to get into the business side of Young Living (I was so shocked at the amount of money you can actually make doing this) just let me know and I can help to get you started.