my favorite things

I have a lot of favorite things in many different categories. I’ll post them all here in case you are looking for something new to try!



I have had the same bottle of this for over a year. I use it to clean literally everything in my house from counters to toys and it lasts forever. It’s plant-based and not full of chemicals. LOVE IT.



Tickets are on sale now for the upcoming GOOD Fest in Philly! Happening on September 22 and featuring Katie Horwitch, Ashlee Piper, Aubrey Howard breath work and Vitality Meditation!

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Mockingbird stroller

Great for the girls and Baby G!

CLUTCH for city life.

Read more in my review, below!



I’ve heard from multiple mamas that this spray, made with essential oils, has prevented or minimized *ahem* tearing during birth. One woman told me she had 10 stitches with one baby, and 1 stitch with her second baby using this spray. You essentially spray it on 2x a day after 36 weeks. Learn more about getting Young Living products at the link.



An esthetician once told me I carry a lot of build up in my T-Zone. She said it would be super helpful if I would exfoliate this area (gently) a few times a week. Ever since then - I keep a jar of this face scrub in my shower and I use it every other day on my T-Zone (and my cheeks usually 1x a week, too). I tell ya what - my skin feels amazing and soft. This is a local Philly brand and I’ve known Chris for a few years now. You can also save 20% with code JESS.


Ashlee Piper - GIVE A SHIT

Ashlee was one of our recent GOOD Fest speakers and she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever….messaged with. Ha! Unfortunately, we didn’t actually get to MEET because I was too pregnant to travel to Austin. Her approach to sustainability is humorous and down-to-earth. Her book is all about the ways you can make a difference for the planet and the waste we create. While I certainly can’t do it all - I’m trying some new things and laughing my ass off along the way.



This blanket is kind of absurd (and pricey) but I bought it FOR MYSELF for my birthday in December and I take it with me everywhere around the house (I got the dark gray color). It’s SO SOFT, yet also kind of stretchy. I bring it down on the couch with me to watch TV, and then I snuggle with it in bed. I use it as my “pregnancy pillow support” on the side of my body. If you have a birthday coming up - ADD THIS TO YOUR LIST. It’s actually called “the Kardashian blanket” which, yeah, is pretty fitting.


36 ounce yeti

This is very specific because I feel like you can do (2) of these 36 ounces a day and get your 64 in easily. I love the white, because it looks nice. And I suggest the chug cap so you can actually drink this without it spilling all over your chin (typically what happens to me!). The wide bottle size makes this very easy to clean, and very easy to add half lemons to, to make sure you want to drink your water!


joggers from american eagle

Lately, I feel like I am reverting back to my childhood but I LOVE American Eagle for cozy, comfortable clothes. I’ve been buying up their sweats, PJs and joggers every time they come out with a new line. I also REALLY LOVE their jeans - they fit very nicely (especially after having a baby!) and are reasonably priced. I usually go into the store but will ultimately buy online with a discount code.


primally pure blue tansy deodorant

Specifically has to be the Blue Tansy. I have a blog post on my 5 year deodorant testing challenge that I will post soon, but this stuff WORKS and smells like a spa. Plus, I’m a sucker for good branding, and that branding sure is purty. SAVE 10% with code HEALTHCOACHPHILLY (I have to update this, ha)


ZSupply basics

I found out about ZSUPPLY while in my third trimester with baby 3. I wish I knew about them sooner - but honestly I also thought I was being served up an instagram scam ad. Ha. Little did I know, these V-necks, side slit sweatshirts and long dresses would become my go-tos for pregnancy AND nursing.

white angelica.jpg

young living white angelica

I have a lot of favorite scents for my diffuser, but right now I am obsessed with the calming White Angelica. A mix of Hawaiian Sandalwood, Myrrh, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and more - it’s kind of woodsy…super comforting and an oil I diffuse every day in the living room after work.