House Renovation Reveal - Part 1 - Master Bed + Bath!

6 months later - we are finally in our new home! We decided to move into something new when I found out I was pregnant with Perry. We wanted to have an extra bedroom for her so she didn't have to share with Carmen (or be in our room long-term). John found this house on Zillow and it's the only house we saw. I saw potential in it right away. Just had that feeling, you know?

Also - it had been on the market for nearly a year. 

Well, we know why. :-P 

It needed all-new-everything! And was priced too high. We came in under asking price and took on a project. New electric, plumbing, AC, walls, brick, windows, etc....

Uh, I don't know how to renovate - so YES we had a contractor!

We like simple. As you know from my wardrobe - I wear only neutral. Everything in this house would be black and white if John let me. We compromised on some gray :)

Here's the master bed and bath!

When we started chipping away at the walls, we decided to keep the brick exposed. It was already exposed in the bathroom, and part of the bedroom, and really added character to the master without having to add much wall art. Our painter encouraged us to whitewash it and I think this softens it nicely. I AM probably going to add a plant in here and hang a moroccan wedding blanket.

We got these FAB black windows for the whole front of the house. I mean, I just can't with these WINDOWS.

Also so important for the design of this room? BEDDING.

I worked with a brand that I really wanted to try: Boll & Branch, because everything is ORGANIC, in neutral colors, and beautiful

Here you can see I opted for all-gray, all-white because...duh.

I wanted a BIT of drama so I lined the back of my bed with 3 hemmed euro shams, followed by 2 hemmed king shams - all in white (also, side note: you have to buy the insides to shams - LOL I'm not all "with it" when it comes to interior design, CLEARLY. I got them on amazon...)

I have, what I believe to be, the softest sheets in history - the hemmed sheet set (also in white). With a pewter gray hemmed duvet cover.

It feels heavenly each night I get into bed. We spend half our lives sleeping - so I find the sheets to be a worthy investment. AND no more cats allowed in our bedroom so a total WIN there for me. hehehe... Yes, the baby has pooped on them (shocker). Put them right in the wash and no problems! 

We also got a fancy new mattress from Tomorrow Sleep. IT IS SO COMFORTABLE and bonus: tracks your sleep!

Moving on to the bathroom!

Yooooo, this bath was a HOT mess. Like, the toilet was on an actual stage.

(Check it out in the BEFORE pics below.)

We gutted this thing, and my sis drew us up a new plan. She is a woman of many talents. She also makes furniture. And works in insurance by day.

We have a (probably bigger than needed...) massive walk-in shower with (faux) marble tile, a Cement Tile Shop pattern on the floor, and more of that exposed brick.

There's also a closet in here, but right now it is full of boxes. You don't need to see that! BTW, I need a new shower rug - any ideas?!

I love how the massive drawers on this vanity allow me to hide EVERYTHING. All that's out is toothbrush, soap and lotion. And I could hide that too if I want.

Sooooo what do you think? Check out the before shots below!!