Oil Pulling :: Trendy or Legit?

Though it may seem new and trendy, oil pulling isn’t a new thing! In fact, it started in India thousands of years ago and was introduced to the US in the ’90s. We are starting to hear more about these old practices now because there is a greater desire to live a more holistic life. My vote = legit.

So, what is it?

Oil pulling is a process of swishing quality oil around in the mouth each day before brushing your teeth. Based on the principle of like dissolves like, the oil cuts through plaque to remove harmful bacteria in the mouth – thereby improving oral health and naturally whitening teeth.

Using quality oil is important – you want to look for things like: organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined. Sesame and coconut are recommended – but I definitely prefer coconut oil for the taste and consistency.

Does it work?

Trendy or not – I am addicted. Get into a routine and you will crave the clean feeling you get after pulling – plus, smoother, whiter teeth.

Have too many glasses of wine the night before and not feeling too great? Swish some coconut oil! It will help that hangover, I promise!

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How to pull

  1. First thing you do in the morning ((best done in the morning, right when you wake up - even before drinking water))

  2. Scoop out a spoonful of oil and drop it in your mouth ((use unrefined, organic coconut or sesame oil))

  3. Swish around for 5-20 minutes – push and pull the oil around your mouth – around your gums, cheeks, and in between your teeth ((you don’t want to totally exhaust your muscles, so don’t go too crazy...as for time - 20 minutes is ideal, because it is just enough time to break through the plaque, but not too long where you can start to reabsorb the bacteria....you may need to work up to 20 minutes when you first start))

  4. No swallowing! ((very important! - the oil is full of nasty bacteria that you don’t want to gulp down))

  5. Spit it out ((the oil should be milky-white by this point and you want to spit it out in the trash so that you don’t eventually clog your sink or toilet))

  6. Rinse well with warm water ((add salt if you are able to))

  7. Brush teeth