Why you should eat light to heavy

Eating light to heavy goes against everything you’ve ever read in fitness magazines, I know. When I tell clients to have their lightest meals early in the day, and heaviest meal at dinner – I almost always have a look of disbelief.

Eating light to heavy should be followed throughout the day, as well as for each of your meals. Why?

This allows your body to continue the nighttime detox into the morning

Better digestion - which equals less bloating, gas & ultimately, weight loss

Less energy going to the digestion of food equals more energy for your beauty and health, and an overall feeling of energy throughout the day

Let me give you some examples…

If you start your day with something heavy and processed (like: bagel and cream cheese, yogurt, eggs and bacon, breakfast bar with ingredients you can’t pronounce) – this is going to be in your gut digesting for…….ever! Then, you continue your day by having lunch with colleagues (a sandwich? Pasta? Salad with cheese and ranch dressing and other processed things?) All of this is now sitting on top of your bagel with cream cheese. I’m sure you are having snacks in between – which are also piling up. Top it all off with dinner, and your poor digestive system was overloaded all day long!

Now, if you start your day with cleansing hot lemon water and then something light (like: fresh fruit topped with almond butter, smoothies/juices made with fruits and veggies and maybe some boosters like chia seeds, unprocessed oatmeal) – your body is able to grab the nutrients from the food and process it right away. You then have a nice light lunch of a salad with quinoa or brown rice or sweet potato, maybe some avocado, and tons of veggies. Again, your body is able to process this nicely. By dinnertime – you’ve kept your digestive system moving and clean so if you want to have something heavier (or cheat) this is the time to do it. Then you have all night to process what you have at dinner. Of course, the ideal situation is to continue to eat well at dinner, but we are all human!

The same rule holds true for each individual meal – eat your salad first, then dig into the main course. The salad will digest first and the enzymes in it will help you digest the rest of your meal.

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