Juices •&• Smoothies

Is there a difference? Yep! And they both offer different benefits, so I try to include a few of each throughout the week.


  • No fiber. In a juice - you are only getting the liquid from the fruit and veggies.

  • Digests quickly. Without the fiber, the body can quickly digest and absorb the nutrients from the fruit and veggies. If you add too much fruit - the quick absorption can cause a spike in blood sugar - so try to keep the fruit content low.

  • Energy boost. Quick absorption of nutrients will also give you a boost in energy right away.

  • Full of flavor. Flavors will be much more noticeable when juiced.

  • Perishable. You may start to see separation right away, so it's best to consume immediately after making.

  • ...Annoying. Ugh, juicing and cleaning the juicer are not fun. I prefer to get my juices from the juice bar!


  • Lots of fiber. In a smoothie, you are getting a pulverized version of the whole fruit or veggie.

  • Also easy to digest. The blender will break the fruit and veggie fiber down making it easier to digest. You should also experience a slow release of nutrients into the blood stream, avoiding blood sugar spikes.

  • Filling. The fiber content will keep you satisfied, making a smoothie a great meal replacement.

  • Experiment with add-ins. Add superfoods, protein powder (plant-based!), nut butters or nut milks.

  • Hide the greens. When you blend spinach or kale, you can mask the flavor with fruit and add-ins.

  • Increased shelf life. You can make a batch in advance and keep it for a few days in the refrigerator or even freeze single portions.

  • Easy to make. And cleaning is a breeze. Just add water and dish soap and run the blender.


HealthCoachPhilly.com - green smoothie

My favs (lately)

Smoothie :: kale // spinach // apple // banana // lemon // mint

Juice :: carrot // apple // orange // lemon