I am a pregnancy and motherhood mentor, positivity ambassador, and mother of THREE! And yes, it’s pretty crazy :-P After a decade in marketing, I left my well-paid career and found a true calling in leading the way to a balanced psyche and healthier body.

A creative wizard of real and educational moments, I connect with women and guide them through the wonders and struggles of motherhood. When I’m not working, you can find me on coffee dates, snuggling with my girls, planning the next GOOD Fest and enjoying sour gummies. 

My training is centered in coaching, nutrition, hormones and energy work. Truly, my work is rooted in real talk and real life. I completed a one-year program in 2013 with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a 6+month hormone apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim, and am reiki 1 certified.


What IS a Pregnancy & Motherhood Mentor?!

Good question. When I became a health coach 6 years ago, that was a brand new thing, too. Within the last year, I have seen a need for a guide during all things fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood. There are health coaches, life coaches, pregnancy coaches…but there isn’t someone who combines all of that into one. Why not? I sure could have benefitted from this! Read more here.